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Delivery Information

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    We use USPS to ship the package and they do a great job but they aren't the only people in charge of the package throughout its journey hence why it sometimes takes such a long time. The package stopping and not moving anywhere doesn't happen too often but it is no reason to worry. We will keep checking on the package with you to make sure it's moving.

    While it may look at some point like the package has stopped for an extended period that is because it has reached one of several ports here in The US for exporting: Florida, New York, ETC. That just means it is being shipped or flown to your country of delivery where it will be turned over to your country's postal service and their customs agents will scan the item back in and it will reappear there with new tracking information.

    You will need to check with them for any further questions as we cannot contact them from the US. They will have any additional info and how you can pick up or receive the package as per their processes.

    If needed we can provide your Customs ID as that is the only info we have that might not show up on your end!


    We use USPS to ship the package, and you will need to check with them for any questions regarding shipping estimates. They will have all the relevant information on how you can pick up or receive the package when it arrives. The only thing we can guarantee is our 1-3 day handling time.

    If needed, once your package is ordered, we can provide your packaging details and tracking information but that is the only info we have that may not be available on your end.

    If you would like to guarantee your delivery promptly, I would recommend purchasing an increased shipping speed during your checkout(: